What did it mean for those who didn’t lose their firstborn when the Angel of Death “passed over”
their homes on its romp of death in Egypt 3500 years ago? Once again, the world faces a very
similar context presently as the Hebrews experienced then. What were the salient issues held in

Looming large over everything else was the overpowering presence of the state in seriously
complicating day to day life for the People of God. Fetching their own straw burdened God’s
children severely. Same-sex marriages, transgender, cancel culture and Woke demands reflect sinful
man “coming out” but in coming out, forces the true followers of Christ into the closet. Both cannot
be out at the same time. Hence the Christian running the risk of being a lawbreaker simply for
holding on to traditional Christian beliefs.

The cultural change is weaponized against the Christian
faith and we are on the threshold of the criminalization of Biblical truth.

Gregory H. Denysschen

As the Living God made a way for the Hebrews in Goshen, the Lord will make a way for the Follower
of Christ. Hardships yes, but not struck down (2 Cor 7-11). We have the promise of God as valid for
us as it was for Israel, “I will never leave you nor forsake you says the Lord (Deut31:6-8, 1 Chron
28:20, Heb 13:5). Believe Him, trust Him. His Word is true, and He is faithful.

Victory over the secular system won’t be by might or by power, but by His power -a miraculous
intervention in which every bastion of worldly strength was dealt a devastating defeat and crumbled
under the hand of God.

Darkness or evil has in itself the seeds of its own destruction; it cannot
prevail, it must ultimately fall. Believers, look up! Your redemption draws near!

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